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NextVee enterprises Pvt Ltd., Step by step guide for you about the top 10 tips to do WhatsApp marketing.

While your initial reaction may be that WhatsApp is just for communicating with friends and family, WhatsApp can now also be used for business. The reason you might have never considered using it as a marketing channel is that there has never been any real tool that helps you manage your account and begin engaging with your followers unless you own that single cellphone that has the customer installed on your business number. Even though the app is the world’s most popular mobile messaging service, WhatsApp is generally not known for being a business tool. While it might appear at first glance that WhatsApp is simply another messaging service, the app has built-in tools that are ideal for maintaining a strong relationship with your customers and nurturing leads.

Top 10 Tips to do Whatsapp Marketing

  1. If you are ready to begin marketing on WhatsApp, here’s what you will need to do before diving in. Once you set up a WhatsApp Business account, here are a few strategies you can use to start your own WhatsApp marketing. Now that you know how to create a WhatsApp account for your business, you can begin using WhatsApp to connect with customers. Every business can benefit from using WhatsApp as the app is mostly used for messaging and communication.
  2. As millions of people are using WhatsApp on a daily basis, WhatsApp has proven to be one of the best marketing tools for every business. WhatsApp was started as a personal communication tool, but the growing popularity of the tool, ease of use, and responsiveness to customers have made it a good choice for marketing purposes. Although WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide, there are not a lot of businesses and marketing professionals using WhatsApp to target consumers today. As we have mentioned, WhatsApp offers a highly personalized, targeted marketing channel, but it is at its heart a personal messaging app.
  3. WhatsApp gives businesses the platform to directly message customers with marketing messages, gain their trust, and keep them engaged with their brands. WhatsApp gives you and your business the platform to communicate with customers, outside of a company’s website. WhatsApp is a messaging platform that uses the Internet connection of your phone to send messages, images, files, or make voice calls to other WhatsApp users.
  4. With WhatsApp, there are two main types of marketing messages that can be sent, the Broadcast Message and the Automail. Users can create and send personalized messages to their customers in real-time using WhatsApp Marketing Mobile App. WhatsApp marketing tools help your business to send mass messages to customers over WhatsApp without saving their contact details. One can send mass messages to prospects using an array of free, easy-to-use WhatsApp marketing software or tools.
  5. For this reason, using these Free WhatsApp marketing software platforms responsibly for promoting businesses is considered the best strategy to take things forward. With billions of consumers using WhatsApp several times every day, businesses need to start considering WhatsApp as a new communication medium for their customers. Yes, WhatsApp can be used on the professional level to conduct official communications, advertise existing products, and launch or promote new products.
  6. If you are launching a new product, WhatsApp can send an auto-generated message to a selected client that you create. Opt-ins need to be collected from a business before it starts sending messages to its customers using the WhatsApp API. Users need to have WhatsApp Business Account, which can be integrated into WhatsHash for new lead generation and answering customers’ questions.
  7. Businesses using the WhatsApp API should gather opt-ins using a link or a banner shared via their website, mobile app, email, SMS, or social media channels. Using WhatsApp for sending mass messages and unsolicited marketing messages to those who did not opt-in can get you into legal trouble. As highlighted by the WhatsApp marketing case study above, a more common opt-in strategy is encouraging users to message you first (thus, having to add you to their contacts).
  8. WhatsApp takes email marketing opt-in a step further, with your customers and leads having to store your contact number on their contacts lists. WhatsApp also allows you to add your catalog of products to your WhatsApp Business Page, so customers can browse them and engage with you. Once you have created your WhatsApp business page, you can use WhatsApp to build out the full profile of your business, such as physical addresses, website links, and helpful contacts for customers to contact you. The catalog is a powerful WhatsApp marketing feature that allows customers to view your products or services right inside of WhatsApp Business.
  9. The WhatsApp Business API is a lot like email marketing, except that your targeted audience will receive your content directly into their WhatsApp inbox, rather than via email. The WhatsApp Business app provides businesses with basic automation features like welcome messages, outgoing messages, and fast replies, and there is no ability to use chatbots or integrate with CRMs or CMS. Users can set up client accounts, offer personalized support, reply fast, store media and messages, conduct surveys, customize a business page, and easily create eCommerce stores using WhatsHash.
  10. what is the WhatsApp marketing app that allows sending mass WhatsApp messages automatically to thousands of customers? Apart from paying per message, you will be paying for the setup cost once and the monthly costs of the tools that you are using for managing your WhatsApp marketing. Learn more about the pricing for the WhatsApp Business API in our in-depth guide.

Luckily for you, this article breaks down all the moving parts of marketing on WhatsApp for businesses, gives you some useful tips & tricks, and even shows you a few sample WhatsApp campaigns. While you may have included platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in your social media strategy, WhatsApp can be just as important to your brand.

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