Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We are the Best ERP Software Development Company, the word ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a system which has been designed for any type of business to be organized by implementing software and technology. The complete operation of any type of industry can be defined and integrated together to form a whole system. All types of business require a software product which should support the business. ERP is supportive in all type of business structures like manufacturing, financial, logistics, retail, service sectors and many more. ERP cannot be restricted at any single location. It can be integrated on all the systems. It gives all your data to be handled at one place and make yourself more organized in handling the business operation. ERP can be customized as per the business requirement. It can be handled in a small system or on a huge system which depends on the size and data demand of the business structure.

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ERP is precisely designed to any type of industry and can be handled easily by any level of user. Enterprise Resource Planning is a user friendly system which makes business operation more simplified and develop the business to the next scale. It is more systematic product that can be integrated with different modules together and perform a simplified operation.

Enterprise Resource planning is an integrated system which operates in real time; it also has a consistency in its user experience on all the modules with common database to support all types of applications. It can be deployed through different modes like in the Customer Premises, in Cloud Servers and on System as a Service (SaaS).

ERP supports different sectors like financial accounting, management accounting,  human resources, manufacturing, supply chain management order processing, project management and data services etc., These can be effectively handled by this integrated system ERP.

ERP is utilised to commit to maximising an enterprise’s potential by generating the optimal balance of Manpower, Equipment, and Resources to maximise possibilities. It may assist you in reducing costs, time, and waste by simplifying your processes and making better use of your assets. It enables you to increase your production and, as a result, your revenues.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM – Customer Relationship Management the word itself defines everything which supports customers. Every business has their customer data who are their major contributors in their growth. CRM is a system which highly focuses on handling customer data and through the data the customer support, services and other related functionality will be managed. These CRM systems can be integrated along ERP which makes a completion the system where ERP can integrate all the modules like Product cycle management, Financial Module, Supply chain management, Distribution modules, vendor management and other modules. CRM can be customized as per the requirement of the industry. CRM system is advisable to any type of retail business and other end user business.

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ERP Software Development Company

Nextvee Enterprises Pvt Ltd  are a professional ERP software development company and CRM software development company in India, that provides Customized Enterprise Resource Planning & Customer Relationship Management to all business’s needs, we has been delivering ERP and CRM to all size of industries and Service sectors as per their customized requirement. We deliberately work with your complete business system and understand your requirement in the business perspective to deliver a quality product to you at a promised time. It has been considered that ERP and CRM usually demands long term support from the vendor that really makes us to involve in your complete service at all the time without any complications. We are always easily reachable. We will be assigning a dedicated techno expert to handle the issues and support to sort the difficulties and train the staffs for the regular operations.